The 2nd Pre-order batch of our new Intel 10th Generation lineup has been completely booked and sold out! Pre-orders are now available for our 3rd batch, incoming eta as listed below! Reserve your pre-order set of these new generation products, while stocks last!

Merdeka PROMO!!


LEVEL51 offers a 2 year parts warranty by default as compared to the typical 1 year offered by most custom notebook builders. On top of that, our service center located in Malaysia, near the heart of the city, allows easy access for any assistance you may need! At LEVEL51, we are known for our lighting fast service times and comprehensive after sales service and support, with unbeatable policies for servicing and keeping your system performing as you would expect.


The FORGE-15R features a unique setup, allowing it to use AMD Ryzen Desktop processors in a notebook for never before seen performance in a notebook form factor. Even our entry level RYZEN 65W desktop CPUs will put most notebook variants of higher end CPU models to shame, at unbeatable price points!


The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is the single most important piece of hardware for a gaming machine, with gaming performance being directly linked to the speed and strength of the GPU and driver support. The GPU is also useful in various software that have GPU support as well as professional software used for 3D modelling and graphic design.


Standard Displays are capable of producing up to 16.7 million shades of colors. LEVEL51 PC systems come with a wide variety of display options depending on the model and the size. Select one to fit your ideal needs. Wide Color displays offer better color reproduction, while 120/144 HZ displays (high refresh rate displays) offer far smoother motion during game play.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is the fast access data storage in which the computer stores files which are being used by the operating system, applications and games temporarily. More RAM allows for better multitasking abilities, while faster RAM increases the speed that the data can be accessed and written.

  • 16GB (8GB X 2) DDR4 3200 MHz (Operates at 2933mhz with Intel Notebooks) (Base) (Recommended)
    (+RM 0.00)

LEVEL51 notebooks come with a fully back-lit Macro RGB keyboard with Tactile feel keys. Our keys are precision calibrated for a 2 mm tactile depth, and maximum comfort during long hours of usage. All aftershock keys deliver maximum tactile feedback and strong key durability for millions of keystrokes over your system's lifespan. Colors can be customized via software and users can utilize macro technology to program keys to their requirements with record-able macros.


Thermal Compound is a fluid substance which increases the thermal conductivity of a thermal interface by filling microscopic air-gaps present. It is often used to aid a component's thermal dissipation via a heat sink, thus preventing overheating, as is vital in any high performance system.


M.2 SSD options deliver blistering performance for lighting fast load speeds. PCIE M2 SSD drives deliver Next generation SSD performance with speeds exceeding that seen in the typical sata3 ssd range.


The hard disk drive (HDD) is where you will store all your applications and data. It is a non-volatile, random access device featuring rotating rigid platters on a motor-driven spindle within a protective enclosure. SSDs are flashed based and are many times faster.


Wireless Local Area Networking allows devices to communicate within a local home network. It is an essential component for wireless laptop computer. Different wireless options feature varying strength, number of connections and wireless types which could affect the speed and reliability of your wireless network connection.


The Operating System (OS) is the core software that manages the computer hardware resources, and provides the graphical user interface and drivers to make use of them. LEVEL51 is a Microsoft named partner, and we work closely with Microsoft with only genuine OEM windows licenses. You can be assured your Microsoft licenses are genuine and purchased through authorized local distribution channels.

Be wary of:
1) Vendors who do not include the COA with your PC, as they have purchased stolen or unauthorized licenses.

2) Vendors who have windows 10 at +0 cost, or do not allow you to remove the value of the OS from a system build.

FORGE-15R RTX 2060 Edition

RM 4719.00