Saw the HWZ thread today... Went on their website and check .. talk to marcus online ... went down to the shop just now and place a deposite for a XM17... DONE in less then 3 hours I was amaze by these bros... the built and service quality is excellent!! It is indeed customizable, they tell u the price point, what to get and what not worth it to get and make money spend to the minimal... I had a great experience there, they are very nice and knowledgable.. no hard selling.. flexible rules and upgrades, All the upgrades can be done at the same cost even after the laptop are built and use for example u can upgrade to their 90% gamut screen after using it for a few months and the cost will still be the same as though u have selected them during the configuration!! They also do yearly maintainence like changing thermal paste, cleaning of fans, optimising the clock speed for games etc..... Thumbs thumbs up..... I think my XM17 is being built at this very moment... and only can be collect after they do a 48 hours system loading test...

Eugene Sng

Thanks Aftershock ! I am friggin loving my X15 ,cant wait to try with black ops 2 later on

Peou Richard Kovit

Got my x11 today and i'm loving it so far - props to the guys at aftershock pc! (:


Hi! Went down to the shop today to purchase gaming laptop for my brother. Had the best experience ever in my life while purchasing the laptop from aftershock!! Even my parents were impressed with the service Marcus provided! Good Job Aftershock! No doubt will be a returning customer!


Have been using my x11 for a few days now. Gotta say I'm absolutely satisfied with the notebook, as well as the remarkable service experience from the Aftershock team!! Thumbs up!


Purchased an Aftershock laptop and firstly, the staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. Answered to all my questions and offer me some opinions about building a custom laptop. First they told me that it would take probably 1 to 2 weeks to collect my laptop.. but VOILA! they called me up on the 4th day knowing that i wanted the laptop badly so they finished it up ASAP. I am super impressed and happy with the service they provide.

eddie ong

I have purchase a Pc from them a week ago and the feeling was awesome. They assist me in the setting up of the monitor and my complicated samsung soundbar before i took it home. The service provided was great as they provide clear guidance through the process. System was running smooth and the graphics was awesome. side note, I7 processor, Geforece 980 and that latest SSD version 2 are MUST HAVE. if can, add that 27 inch monitor... Just wanna stay home now to play my games and watch movie... cheers.

Cal Loh

Bought a aftershock tremor from them. On the phone, marcus did put in effort to explain every single fact and part to me helping me get my best choice as i am very particular about the facts. The guys from modbot are doing a great job litening to my need of how i wanted to customize my desktop. Great service cant wait to receive my product!!

Glenn Theliverpoolfan Chow

Great service! Very accomodating although i keep changing my mind. Awesome gaming laptops at the right price. Keep up the awesome work!

Alex Tan

Fantastic Service. Price is competitive considering its customizability. Don't really usually recommend stuff but Aftershock is definitely a must buy

Alex Foo

Awesome customer service coupled with delivering one of the best custom gaming systems at an affordable price.. These guys really know what a gamer/pc enthusiast needs..

kina Akai Aizu Izzam

These guys have been absolutely fantastic. From the time I ordered my laptop until now, their staff have gone out of their way to ensure I got the best out of my purchase. They've proven more than once to me that they genuinely care for their customers. Very responsive customer service and their Service Center is great. Got my X17-S back on its feet in under half an hour earlier today, and did a thorough job. I have recommended them to many friends looking for a great deal and greater performance. I would love to become a repeat customer in the future.

Justin Liaw

Just bought my S15. A little trouble with the installment plan payment but the staff were kind about it and thought of many other ways to get it done.. CS was amusing because they explained to me EVERY small detail about my laptop to me. The rig is fantastic and really can play titles like a AC unity on ultra with only some heating. Will recommend aftershock for value and CS

kei sinclair

Great specs at affordable prices. You guys make every other brand look overpriced!!! Lol! I admit, I was a lil bit hesitant at first, but after reading lots of reviews decided to give Aftershock a go and I'm glad I did. Absolutely loving everything bout my S-17. Thank You Aftershock. You guys rock!

Yap Josh

Went to comex 2014 with friends to take a look at aftershock pc's laptops. The guy who was answering my queries was very knowledgeable ! Very impressed by the laptop ( XG-15 V3 ) as it was able to play recent games at ULTRA quality albeit being a tad sluggish which i only needed to tune down the AA to make it run perfect. Very value for money for a gaming laptop. AND BEST OF ALL IT IS BASED IN SINGAPORE. SUPPORT LOCAL PRODUCTS! Ps. Thanks Furryfish for taking pictures with us and my friend who was pretty shy :D

Zhi Jie Tan

Picked up an x15s v2 as my first ever gaming rig (also for photo and video editing, don't worry, I'm being responsible) & absolutely loving it, still setting it up and getting programs installed but it's so smooth and beautiful, I love it. The staff were really helpful with all my questions and put together essentially my perfect laptop! :) thanks so much you guys! Can't wait to get started on the custom paint with modbot soon too!


Purchased my laptop during PC Show this year and had a great time with it. Last week, I encountered some issues with my laptop and sought help via email, and to my surprise I received a reply within the hour I sent the email in in spite of the fact that I sent it very late at night. Brought it in for servicing and the staff was really friendly, my laptop was promptly fixed and ready for collection the next day. Unfortunately I found that my adapter was not working as well and didn't manage to have it check on the same occasion, so I sent in an email again for assistance and to my surprise, I received a call asking if a delivery for a new adapter could be made to my house the very next day. The staff who made the delivery (Evan) was very thorough and patient too, asked me to make sure that the adapter was working fine. I'm extremely impressed with the fantastic after-care Aftershock is providing along with such affordable and awesome products. Never have I experienced such good service anywhere else, even with other machines I pay twice the amount for. Looks like I'll be continuing to put my money and my future gaming experiences in Aftershock's hands. Definitely recommending this brand to friends, families and anyone who wants to ensure their money is well-spent.


Just sent my laptop for repair. Great customer service,great gaming laptop, what more can we ask for. :)

Caleb Lim

Accidentally broke IPS Screen. Went down and got it replaced within 10 minutes. Best service charges as well. You won't find this kind of service anywhere else. 100%. Thumbs up to Marcus and team for being so awesome as usual.

Will Leow

Switched from Alienware M17x to Aftershock Titan V2. Excellent service (thanks to both Marcus and Samuel) I'm proud to own 2 sets of Titan V2, and am really proud that Aftershock is a local startup. Would recommend without hesitation to anyone looking for a gaming machine!

David Tan

Awesome customer service. If you have any queries or doubts, you can always chat with the staff online. There ain't no other gaming laptop on the market that's as customizeable as AfterShock. Highly recommended brand for those who wish for quality service, customization and powerful gaming laptop configurations for budget gamers to extreme gamers. Really loving my XG13v2 now! :D

Tan Jia Jin

Collected my XG13 on Sunday. Loving it so far. Thanks to Marcus and team for the fantastic services!!! I will recommend you guys too all my friends who are looking for gaming laptops.

Stanley Seow

Second impression of Aftershock at their office: Pickup my laptop ytd and the service provided by the team was extraordinary good! Very good product knowledge and willingness to help in any ways possible. Had a laptop issue at 11pm yesterday and left them a message. Gave quite an instant reply to me and got it fixed the next day. Well done aftershock~

Darrell Lua

hello aftershock, recently i bought the xg13 during the sitex show...i must say this is one awesome piece of gaming beast...here a few reason why : 1. Keyboard --> the spacing of the keyboard is pretty EVENLY spaced out, this is pretty important for gaming as being too closely together such as the alienware laptop, mean friction constantly rubbing between side by side of the fingers, which is not really what u want as u expect to game freely. 2. keyboard backlight. --> awesome!!! just f-ing awesome, posted the orange colour layout and alrdy a few people has asked me where to get it... 3. screen --> with a 13.3 Inch IPS FHD, the quality is exceptionally crisped...especially with the edges that are evidently seen in windows operating system or gaming textures... matte screen was a smart choice that you guys did as the fingerprints problem is lessen! good move aftershock! 4. nvidia 765m GTX --> absolutely amazing GPU for the latest games, although i played dota 2 more than any other games.....this machine gave its competitors a run for its money when you play games such as battlefield 4 and call of duty ghosts....i am running on full HD setting and it is giving me ard 45 to 50 fps on average by using razer game booster...for this kind of power at such a degree of portability...it is really good... downside to this machine.... 1. sound software --> the VIA hd audio deck does not work well with razer surround, it often has difficulty identifying the which program has exclusive control of audio in the machine...thus i switched to realtek HD audio drivers to solve this issue... 2. temperature on the keyboard.. --> my right hand usage of the keyboard feel significantly more warmer than my left....possible that the fan is on the left. although not much of a concern, but to lure the market, this shd be a priority concern in order to demonstrate value for money. 3. poor design of the laptop chassis... --> the HDMI port, VGA port, 3 usb 3.0 port, ethernet port and the power is all on the right hand side of the machine...which i believe could severely obstruct movement of the right handed mouse users....this is one of the thing i do not like about the machine personally....as it obstruct my movement and having much more extra cable running on the most important area of movement in gaming.... 4. screen size... --> 14 inch would have been more appropriate... 13.3 inch is kind of small to see, especially for games such as dota 2 or battlefield 4.... all these views expressed are just my own personal opinions...i reckon each one has a different take to aftershock gaming machine...but i must say this is the way to go, GOOD JOB AFTERSHOCK!!! following and researching on your products for 7 mths before purchasing one was the right choice. WISH U A MUCH MORE PROSPEROUS BUSINESS AHEAD!!!

Dexter Low

Amazing laptop! X15S is really covered every games up to 2014 Q2! Runs almost every games on Ultra by system preset! Love it! AfterShockPC has a very good and friendly customer services! Specially thanks to Marcus & Samuel for their help! Gracias

xeno lam

i have to say my new Aftershock is a beast of a machine.. plus super friendly staff keep up the good work

adam syon

Many thanks to the AFTERSHOCK PC team for their advice and system well built! Modbot for the awesome paint job! And both of them for their excellent SERVICE and WORKMANSHIP! A great way to really add lots of personal touch to your machine. From customised parts to the colour and design. You guys are cool! A local company worth every bit of attention. Take a look at their website and do the comparison yourself with other well-known brands. No regrets. I'm a happy man


I just got X15S today, I haven't tried out any games yet but the service Aftershock provided is excellent, the downside is only the location of their service centre is pretty far off & was a lil sad the laptop doesn't have any decorative wrap/design that comes with it at all or any "aftershock" logo on the laptop, which you will need to pay if you want to do a wrap for the laptop. Other than that, the specs are good & dam worth the price. A big thank you & five stars, cheers!

jc lee

Awesome service from Zen, Moon Fang and tea; product speaks for itself. Awesome GFX and upgrades available at an affordable price!

Bernice Teo

Bought xg17, 3 days ago and having enquiries check with Marcus giving me advice. Really having great after service. Encourage for peoples looking at laptops out there and they offer better spec in term of prices.

Alvin Tay

Just purchased n collected my XG15. Good sales service, friendly staff n excellent machine!


Great service, friendly staff and most important their laptop are literally a TANK :)

Bernard Tang

Awesome service, awesome prices, awesome people, awesome laptop. Will definitely come here again if i ever need the next laptop. Cheers! -XG15V3

Nick Han

Much thanks to the Aftershock team for the prompt response to my untimely request! Great work guys! ??

Royston Soh

The staff at Aftershock PC have been incredibly patient, gracious, and accommodating in meeting my needs. My recent order was unexpectedly delayed, but they have been very professional and put me at ease, assuring me that the process will be expedited. I am very thankful for their assistance and for making me feel important to them, and I would certainly recommend Aftershock PC products and services to my friends.

Alfred Tang

No regrets on getting my gaming laptop from there! Great service and great value!

Andrew Wong

Just wanted to say thanks to Marcus for being so patient when i went down today to get my X11 ( yes,i prefer that to the huge ones..mobility). The service was awesome and i loved their passion for their products. If i ever need another upgrade in the near future,i know where i'll be heading :) Again,thanks so much for your help,guys.


Just collected my Aftershock X15S this afternoon, wow the service is great! I needed it within 3 days and they pushed their schedule just to complete it! The laptop is brilliant, maybe a bit overkill to run some of my old games on it though! BF3 Works amazingly well at 65fps on ultimate settings, COD BO2 at 70+fps, and a shattering 130fps on CSGO. All round brilliant laptop. A bit frustated with the inbuilt mic, but its okay with me because i'm getting a Steel Series Siberia v2. Overall i rate the laptop at 9/10! Service at 9.5/10!


I don't usually write review on products I bought. But for the quality of service that I received from Marcus and his team, I felt the need to let others know about it. My name is Kenneth and I was served by Marcus and Zen. Let me share my Aftershock journey with you all. I ordered a XG15 from the online store on the first day of the PC show itself with a gamut screen. Marcus and his team were very patient to address whatever queries I have, and doing so very professionally. They are also always there to answer any query regarding to their laptops on their chat feature - which I find brings a very personal touch to the consumers. They allowed me to collect the set on saturday - a good 2 days in advance from the original monday collection date so I can at least play with it over the weekend. After getting my XG15, I was blown away by the product itself. Considering that it is the lower end gaming product on their list, for a sub $1750 laptop it certainly does not feel cheap at all. The plastic material has a metal like finish and the keyboard is good for typing. I saw the video Marcus did regarding BF3's performance and Aftershock delivered what it promised - I was able to set all ultra except AA on FHD resolution with playable fps of 50 average. Any other lower end graphic games, you can just set them maxed without thinking twice. Lastly, the laptop is cool to the touch even while gaming unlike other premium branded brands that cost twice as much. The fan is at a reasonable noise during high load. It is a very well designed product and the fact that Marcus and his team use quality parts they themselves have tested ensures that. Sales wise, Marcus is not even pushy and told me honestly that the XG15 is the best price/performance ratio wise. One word with him and you can tell that he is a very genuine individual and kind hearted soul. He wont ask you to buy something you don't need. I had a dead pixel on my screen and was quite sad about it :( - being a perfectionist in the techie department. Marcus was kind enough to replace it ON THE SPOT due to the 30 day dead pixel policy I had and it only took 15 minutes. He was kind enough to install my own SSD and during the installations, we chatted and he answered all the queries I had, being a critique about computers. Here is the best part that I could not even believe. They are willing to rebate $100 for those that ordered the gamut screen 15.6 inch during the PC show and he mentioned it was because he is doing it for those that support him during the PC show. I was amazed because he was not obliged to do so. Tell me where can you find such personalized services? If you order a dell, asus, msi laptop and met any issues, you will probably have to wait 3 working days for a reply and even if you got on the phone with a CSO, chances are that he/she wont even be knowledgeable about computers and will just say the same standard operating procedures. For all the future gaming laptop customers, if you were considering AftershockPC, I'd say just go for them. Looking at all the positive reviews, you cannot go wrong. To Marcus, Zen and the entire team, I want to thank you all for the services rendered and am proud that our own local establishment can outshine in the midst of other huge corporation brands. Good job and keep it up! We are proud of you all. Kenneth


It's been a month since I got my XM17 and i'm really impressed by it. The SSD provided really quick boot up speed, made me use my tablet less often. The service provided by Marcus is awesome. My XM17 was delivered at night by Marcus himself! Kudos to the great service!


Just got my XG17, Zen is very customer-oriented and patient throughout the process, especially with my questions. Definitely the best place to go to for gaming laptop and I'm sure they give you the best that they can offer!


"Hey Aftershock! I received my X11 and am very impressed with its awesome performance. I have not only played multiple Triple A titles on it but I have also been thoroughly impressed with its capability to handle intensive audio and video editing on location, which is why I decided to go for one! I highly recommend Aftershock, not only to gamers, but to media professionals as well who need an awesome machine to work with in the field. Great customer service and superb communication make it a "no-brainer" decision. Thanks Aftershock!


After getting my X17 for a week.What I can say is that their service is excellent.. Who can up tp my expectation as a fuzzy guy. No doubt as for the blu ray software which believe I had to get 3rd party. Keep it up guys!!


Got my X11 yesterday and is pretty impressed with the performance. Getting about 20+ fps on Guild Wars 2 with full details on (minus post processing. I don't like the blurry look) which is actually really very playable. I suppose it can go up to 30fps if i lower a few more optional graphics options. Zen was the agent attending to me, and comes across to me as knowledgeable, but not cocky like some Sim Lim sales people (u know those, who give you that kind of LOOK when you ask a few questions? yea) He's also very courteous and service oriented. Top marks to him, great guy to purchase from. :) The Plantronics Gamecon 780 headset was also very impressive and was an excellent deal for only SGD$70 in the package. It sounds especially good if used in Borderlands 2. Definitely well worth the money and practically a steal at that price considering the market price outside. The only thing i wasn't satisfied about was surprisingly the $10 laptop cover lol. Went home and discovered that it was actually a LG laptop cover lol and from the looks of it, it looks like its been used b4. Not sure if the wrong cover was given to me. Doesn't really matter cause its only $10 but do feel abit miffed getting a 2nd hand laptop cover and is a slight blemish in an otherwise good overall purchase. Now the real test begins if the x11 can withstand the 1st year and the after-sales service of Aftershock. We shall see.


My X11 works like a charm. Powerful and small, this beast can play SWTOR on high without any problem. Temp is very good. Cheer to Marcus and Zen for sich a good and friendly services.


Thanks to Aftershock team for coming down to do an on site repair for my screen within such a short notice!


I'd like to thanks Ziyuan lots for helping me out with my probs yesterday. And coming all the way down to help. I'm loving my XM17. No hard selling. Good advice. Awesome service. Hopefully, see u guys in a game somewhere.

Jeremy Lai

The most pleasant buying experience I have ever had. Just picked up my machine yesterday and my initial reaction is that I am very impressed. Will review it in a couple of weeks.


Definitely recommended! In summary, Aftershock's: 1) Service is excellent! 2) Product built is very good 3) Gaming abilities is truly amazing @ affordable prices 4) Future prospects for upgrades If you are still in doubt and want more description, my full personal experience can be read at the link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/72847903-post42.html

Amos Kew

Hey Aftershock team, collected my X15 earlier and loving every minute playing with it. Special thanks to Marcus, Zen, Ivan and also Joe for sharing the info and offering such a pleasant experience in purchasing my first ever gaming laptop. I wrote a short review bout my X15 on hardwarezone forum on X15 today ( under sjh93173). Thanks again .

Monkeyking See

I recommend Aftershock to everyone out there. Friendly, understanding and great staff they have. Thanks Marcus for making my laptop purchase pleasurable yet perfect. I am enjoying my time with the system now. :) and thanks for bringing customization laptop scheme to Singapore!


Just dove in and decided to build a $4k system with aftershock to support a fellow bunch of gaming enthusiast and an entrepreneuring SG company. Hope to have a pleasant experience and really push this machine once it arrives =)